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Mentee Spotlight - EQUiP 2022 : Abigail Larbi

"Mentoring is motivated by love"

J.A Perez


I am Abigail Larbi from Ghana. I pursued midwifery at the Nursing and Midwifery College, Hohoe, Ghana, and completed in 2020. Also completed my mandatory one year national service in January this this year. I am a midwife by profession. I'm currently working at St Moses Community Hospital, Pokuase while I await government posting.


I am from an average nuclear family and the first born of my parents. I grew up with mum and dad until 2016 while I was in final year in high school unfortunately, lost my mum. Everything changed since daddy had to now bear all the responsibilities. He works as a driver. After high school, I thought of getting something done basically to make some money to support my dad since my junior sister was also in school and I also had plans of going to the tertiary institution. I worked as a 'househelp'.

In the course of time, something mind blowing happened! I eventually met my destiny helper during my stay in the house I served as a help. He works as a legal consultant in Canada. After having a long conversation with him

one day basically about my background, upbringing and plans I had for the future, he promised to take care of my fees when I get admission to the tertiary institution of which I doubted. I then got admission into the Nursing and Midwifery College by God's grace. To the glory of God, I'll say that, I only paid for my admission fee and my destiny helper paid the rest of the fees almost till I completed. He couldn't pay for the last semester's for some genuine reasons I supposed. It was at that time COVID-19 broke in and affected work and everything and so I understood him because after all, he also a had a family which he was responsible for. One thing he always told me was ''Abigail, you are humble and hardworking keep it up, it will take you places''. It was then I realized that, when you humble yourself before the Lord, as the Bible admonishes, God will indeed lift you up.

Another amazing thing happened! I remember applying for a scholarship at college, but unfortunately, I was not shortlisted for it so I actually forgot about it. I was surprised when I was one day called to the accounts office and was informed that my fees had been paid through the scholarship. I wondered how that happened after a long time. I just couldn't hold it seriously, was so surprised and elated. Because, all along I was wondering how my last semester's fees was going to be paid. But because God does not leave neither does He forsake His children, He glorified Himself in my situation.


Leadership, as well as public speaking was one thing I always shied away from because naturally, I was shy. But at the moment, the story has changed. It all started from high school when I Joined some organizations. I got the chance of standing before a whole congregation in the school and conducted assembly as well as led morning devotions during the school's morning gathering. At college, I engaged in group presentations.

I also had the chance of speaking at one education, scholarship and mentorship seminar organized for high school graduates by the NGO I joined after completing college. My team organized this program purposely to broaden the knowledge of high school graduates on available programs they could pursue in the tertiary institutions, as well as the entry requirements for those programs. We also thought of introducing some scholarship opportunities that were available for them. Most of these young people live in deprived communities.

I was part of an online training similar to EQUiP where we were put into smaller groups at a point to carry out a project. I voluntarily took responsibility from day one just to make sure the project was done right and submitted before the deadline. To my surprise, my fellows told me I was performing the role of a manager and so I should lead the group in carrying out the project. I had no option than to continue with what I was doing because, I was enjoying what I was doing. I believe I am a great leader, but I'm still learning about leadership because, I would want to be that unique leader with an outstanding way. I love to serve and I believe leadership is all about serving and not a platform for infringing on the rights of followers.


I have the talent for making people in my life feel supported, cared for and secured. I enjoy offering helping hand to people around me. I take delight in advising and encouraging friends. I also have the passion to care for humanity, thus pregnant and labouring women, newborns and children. With this passion, I thought of pursuing my dreams of becoming a midwife. I again have that interest of meeting the needs of the needy in society and so I see myself becoming a big time philanthropist and also setting up an NGO, a charity home to be precise, basically to cater and provide for helpless children in the near future.

About EQUiP

EQUiP is a talent and leadership focused training, designed to prepare young Africans to live intentionally and purposefully, while impacting the lives of others.

EQUiP is organized and delivered by MeetMentors

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