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Mentee Spotlight - EQUiP 2022: Thandiwe N. Lungu

"Mentoring is the cultivation of young adults, the tender caring for and nurturing of them so that they will grow, flourish, and be fruitful".

Jeff Myers


My name is Thandiwe Naomi Lungu. I am a service-oriented individual with key competencies in

administration, customer service, communication, sales, and marketing. I work as a Customer

Success and Admin Officer at Voyagers Zambia Limited, and currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in

Mass communication and public relations. I am a holder of an introductory and professional certificate

in marketing (CIM).

I believe in making a difference as well as having a positive impact on those around me. My long-term

goal is to grow holistically by pursuing opportunities for knowledge and growth. I have a passion for

volunteering and service. In pursuit of volunteering, I have come to realize that I am passionate about

the girl child because they are subject to a lot of issues that affect their well-being and in the long run

their future. The girl child is subject to early marriages, teen pregnancies, rape, no access to proper

education and menstrual hygiene as well as no voice of reason.

Interests and Career Goals

I take a keen interest in reading biographies or listening to stories from women who have gone ahead of

me. This doesn’t only inspire me, but also gives me the motivation to work hard and know that it is

possible, even when life is not in your favor. Other than that, I love swimming. I learned how to swim at

the age of 8, and ever since I'm always eager to get into the water. I love dancing, flowers, and plants as

well as looking at houses. (I am fascinated by the process of how beautiful houses came to be).

My long-term career goal is to work for the United Nations, European Union, Commonwealth, and

African Union or serve my country under diplomatic service. Not only are the organizations prestigious, but they also play a critical part in developing, improving communities, and promoting citizen participation.


My mentorship experience started from the corporate side. Every place I have worked, I found myself

looking up to someone and asking a lot of questions. My mentorship experience took a great turn when

I joined a young women’s network called KUPES. The network's values and vision aligned with mine and found me at a place when I needed a voice of reason.

I was blown away by the founder, who’s my mentor, Mrs. Norena Chiteba, also known as Lady Norena.

Her passion and drive to motivate, inspire and empower young women to achieve greatness are

exceptional. The holistic mentorship I have received from the network has brought so much light into

my life through the conversations, training, and relevant relationships. The butterfly as the symbol of

the network which represents process and growth has helped me realize, that there should be no pressure to ‘BECOME’ but trust the process.


I went through a leadership growth track under KUPES which had a project that enabled me to mentor

15 young girls. This boosted my confidence and zeal for young girls. The notion 'mentored to mentor'

arose here, because the leadership growth track equipped me with the knowledge and skills to mentor

the young girls. As the saying goes, knowledge is power but is more powerful when shared.

My leadership experience began in high school when I was appointed as head girl at an all-girls school. I have always wanted to be at the forefront to lead including within my family even though I'm not the

first born. I have led the family business before because I was perceived as responsible to take up the

role. Furthermore, I am currently serving as a youth leader at my local church as well as a team lead

under the KUPES young women’s network.


One of the things I have learned from the above leadership roles is the style of servant leadership;

focusing on the needs and well-being of others before considering my own. I have learned to handle

diverse personalities and to listen more. As a young professional, I am still learning and pursuing

opportunities that will enhance my leadership skills, and EQUIP is one of the opportunities I have jumped on.

About EQUiP

EQUiP is a talent and leadership focused training, designed to prepare young Africans to live intentionally and purposefully, while impacting the lives of others. EQUiP is organized and delivered by MeetMentors

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