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The Connection for Impact: Mentoring Story of Fanny Nana Ampon

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Fanny Nana Ampon is a Communications & Public Relations Professional, who currently works with Solidaridad West Africa as its Communications Manager for Ghana. She is an experienced development communication professional with over 12 years’ working experience in Public and Media Relations and Journalism (both print and broadcast), with rich experience gained in the Public Sector, Not-for-profit Organizations as well as multi-national organizations and the development sector. She has a degree in English and Linguistics from the University of Ghana, and a Master of Arts degree in Public Affairs from the same University.

Fanny is skilled in Strategic Communications, Public and Media Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Journalism, Documentary and Film Production, Government-Business Relations, Public Policy Analysis and Public-Private Partnerships.

Fanny Nana Ampon

Impacted by a Great Initiative

The Mentoring Women Ghana initiative is the brainchild of Brigitte Dzogbenuku, the former Presidential Candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) during the 2020 elections in Ghana. It was during my participation in this program that I was matched with Mrs. Yaa Peprah Amekudzi, as a mentor. Yaa Amekudzi is the Ghana Country Lead at Mondelez International’s Cocoa Life Program. I did not know her before the mentoring program started. However, after a great time during the mentoring event, we stayed in touch via email, telephone calls and Facebook.

Impacted by Wise Counsel

When I completed my Master of Arts (M.A) degree in Public Affairs after practising as a broadcast journalist for close to five years, I wanted to leave and explore a career in Public Relations & Communications. When I discussed this with my mentor, she encouraged me to still practice as a journalist while I try to do some consultancies in Public Relations & Communications. She advised that this will enable me to build experience and networks in that field and eventually help me to transition. During this time, she supported my transition from journalism to communications by giving me consultancy opportunities especially in media coordination/relations, video/documentary production, and also recommending me to her circle. At the right time, I moved fully into PR & Communications. I can confidently say, it was the best career decision I made at the time, through the best support I got. All thanks to my mentor.

Impacted by Great Secrets

Of course, my mentor has taught me many things. But one great secret I learned from her was about how to own my voice and always make my voice and contribution count wherever I find myself. She has also helped me to learn a lot about applying emotional intelligence in the job space.

Impacted by a Growing Relationship

Mrs. Yaa Peprah Amekudzi was the one who cut my wedding cake when I was getting married. I was the MC at her 25th wedding anniversary. This is just to illustrate how good the relationship has developed over the time. On the career field, although we work in different organisations in the development sector, we still work closely together as partners.

Fanny and her mentor, Mrs. Yaa Peprah Amekudzi

My Voice to Impact Others

It is a great opportunity to be mentored especially in an era where young people are looking for trusted answers and are confused or overwhelmed sometimes. Getting the right counsel and perspective can push you towards the right direction in life and prevent you from making some avoidable mistakes.
Currently, I pay it forward by serving as a mentor on the same Mentoring Women Ghana program in Ghana. I also try to empower individual women when our paths cross, one young woman at a time.

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