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How It Works

It’s pretty cool!! It all starts with your desire to become a mentee, mentor or partner. Prospective mentees have easy access to the profile of all our mentors, and so mentees can make a choice of their preferred mentor in the application process. Mentees can also choose to either be in a one-to-one Mentor-to-Mentee (M2M) relationship or two-to-one Couple-to-Mentee (C2M) relationship.

We strive to establish mentoring relationships that are productive. What do we mean by this? In our matching process, we do our best to create a good fit between mentee needs and goals, and each mentors’ background and expertise. 


Before mentoring starts, both mentors and mentors are oriented. In the course of the mentoring, we do periodic check-ins with mentors and mentees, and provide relevant support to enhance success. MeetMentors stands for success with integrity. We therefore make the value of integrity central in our mentoring process. 


Interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, just connect with us!

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