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Why MeetMentors

Mentoring is one of the oldest forms of human development. The development of any dream, potential or talent is better enabled through mentoring. 

All the mentors at MeetMentors began  their education and/or career life in Africa, with most of them currently studying or working overseas. Throughout their academic and career life, most of our mentors have had the privilege to become mentors or mentees, and have hence realized the importance of mentoring to individual growth and success.

Our mentors believe that some of the challenges they encountered when making certain critical decisions during their college education, and in the development of their talents, potentials, and dreams could have been avoided if they had mentors.


Though very necessary, MeetMentors sees mentoring as an overlooked aspect in most post-secondary education system in Ghana, and across the continent of Africa. To help close this gap MeetMentors has taken the responsibility to embark on this project. Our goal is to support the development of talents, dreams and potentials through mentoring. 

Having talent and ambition without direction can lead to frustration. Isaac Newton said;

‘‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’’.

MeetMentors is a platform where shoulders have been made available for others to stand on, and see further.


Read our latest blog and events to see what MeetMentors is up to

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