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Our Programs

Our programs are designed to provide guidance and support to young Africans as they navigate their academic, career, talent development, and leadership journeys! 

CONNECT (One-on-One Mentoring)

Connect is our one-on-one mentorship program. Through Connect, we match mentors and mentees with similar backgrounds and interests. Our mentors are Africans who have made significant achievements in their academic, career and leadership lives and have a story to share.


Our mentees are pre-college, college students, or recent graduates who need guidance and support to navigate their academic, career, talent development and leadership life. The drive of our mentees for growth as well as the passion and dedication of our mentors serve as the strength in this program.


Connect has a 6-month matching period where mentors and mentees work on defined SMART goals/objectives. Mentors and mentees receive periodic follow-ups and support from a Program Coordinator. Connect ends with a graduation ceremony where mentees receive certificates.

Mentor Hackathon

MentorHackathon is our annual signature program through which we create a platform for mentors and mentees from across Africa to participate in a mentoring workshop.


Each year, we select relevant topics, invite experienced speakers, and create discussion groups for learning, growth, and networking.


Through this interview, we have discussed topics like The Role of Mentoring in Talent Development, MindShift for Global Influence, Building Strategic Relationships, Academic Scholarships, and many more.

The LEAD Program

Delivered in partnership with Studentshubgh, the LEAD is a 6 Week holistic career and life planning program for Christian students across Africa. 


Fellows learn from inspiring professionals through e-learning platforms and additional workshops, connect with other Christian students and end with a life plan to guide the career and spiritual growth of fellows.

XPLORE Initiative 

Partnership is one of the ways through which we reach and serve our target group. Through the XPLORE Initiative, we collaborate with student groups, academic departments, and faculties in universities and other post-secondary institutions across Africa to offer speaker-led presentations.


We collaborate with seasoned professionals from different academic and career backgrounds to deliver this program. The goal of the XPLORE initiative is to provide a platform for college students within a particular academic discipline to explore the various academic and career opportunities in their field of study. 


EQUiP is an online-based talent and leadership-focused training designed to prepare young Africans to live intentional and purposeful lives that impacts beyond themselves.


EQUiP is an intensive 6-week mentorship program where selected individuals who form a cohort are taken through a 5-module online training on academic, career, entrepreneurship, leadership, and talent (self) development. Mentees complete assignments as well as attend all weekend sessions with facilitators. 

Through the weekly Mentee Spotlights where mentees are selected to share their experiences and goals with their colleagues, we provide opportunities for engagement on relevant topics that support growth. This also builds the leadership skills of our mentees. Networking among mentees is one of the beautiful features of the EQUiP mentoring program.


EQUiP ends with a graduation ceremony where certificates are awarded to mentees. They leave the program with  a Purpose and Vision, as well as a Career plan.


MeetMentors 2022 Website 2.jpg

Henon Nesredin, Ethiopia

Equip was a life-changing platform for me. Within just 5 weeks, I gained more confidence, became more active, and learnt important skills such as effective communication and teamwork. Thank you, Equip!

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