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Connecting Talent with Opportunity

We provide mentorship opportunities to support the academics, career, talent and leadership development of the African Youth.

Bridging the gap between Potential and Success

MeetMentors is an online mentoring platform that provides training and advising support for college students, fresh grads, and talented youth to enable them live out to their full potential. At MeetMentors, we focus on academic, career, talent and leadership development.

Our team of mentors come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, and possess extensive global experience in their field of expertise. Our two unique matching methods are one-on-one Mentor-to-Mentee (M2M) mentoring and Couple-to-Mentee (C2M) mentoring.

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EQUiP has largely impacted my life in so many ways. Just after completing the modules, I reflected back and saw a great improvement on how Im taking care of myself, My school work ,the people around me and my career prospects. I'm now able to plan effectively my day to day schedules and being proactive about my goals and dreams. This was a great program and I really enjoyed it.

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Meet Mentors was timely in my life and impacted me greatly. From deeper places with God to career and leadership development, the modules were so loaded and showed me that Africa is loaded too. I'm grateful for the experience and will miss the spotlight moments.

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Kwaku Fobi


I have had to reflect majorly on who I am and who I aspire to be. My vision, purpose, and passion were further developed and strengthened with the amazing knowledge shared. I have learned that building relationships are very important in career success, I have started working towards building strategic relationships and also incorporating the capacities of a servant leader into my life and actions.

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