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EQUiP 2022

"He that is equipped will equip others"

--- Sunday Adelaja

What is EQUiP?

EQUiP is a talent and leadership focused training, designed to prepare young Africans to live intentionally and purposefully, while impacting the lives of others.

Why EQUiP?

In a society with high unemployment and financial challenges among other issues, the tendency for young people to pursue careers and adventures towards mainly financial freedom is intrinsic and highly tempting. Although this is necessary as one advances in life, the realization is that fulfilment comes not only from financial gain, but on a much rewarding scale, from pursuing one's goals with passion in such a way that it similarly impacts the lives of others.

This training is intended to both highlight this truth of life, and provide tools to help young people pursue goals which recognizes their passion for success, and simultaneously encompasses lives beyond themselves.

EQUiP Modules

  • Purpose and Vision

  • Career Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Building Strategic Relationships

Requirements for EQUiP Participation

  • African youth based in Africa

  • Age: 18-30 yrs.

  • Education: At least High School Graduate

  • Ability to communicate in English

  • Familiarity with virtual learning

  • CV and 2 references

  • Strongly encourage females to apply

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