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The 'Calculus Connection': The Mentoring Story of Angela Tabiri.

Dr. Angela Tabiri is currently an AIMS-Google AI Postdoctoral fellow at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Accra, Ghana. She is also the Founder and Lead at Femafricmaths - a charity that inspires young girls to take up careers in mathematics and related fields.

“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained”

Shawn Hitchcock

Angela's PhD graduation at Glasgow University.

The Eye to See and Connect

In November 2013, Dr. Ulrich Krahmer, popularly known as Uli, was my professor at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Accra, Ghana. In the course of time, I saw Uli was passionate about mathematics, and that got me connected to him. I became interested in learning more about the courses he taught, so I usually went to him to ask questions after class, and during tutorials. It was through this questioning moments that I decided to choose him as the supervisor for my masters dissertation, and later, as my PhD supervisor. Uli, then became my mentor!.

The Ear to Hear and Shift

At the time of studying for my masters degree, I wasn’t sure of my career path in the future. Meeting my mentor helped me to go in the right direction. He encouraged me to enroll in another postgraduate program after my masters degree in order to see if I enjoyed research enough to study for a PhD in mathematics. It was during this postgraduate program that I realized I wanted a career in academia.

The Mind to Learn and Grow

My mentor infected me with his passion for mathematics. He taught me the importance of networking with colleagues, superiors at school, and conference participants. He often said ''this is important for your future job applications and project collaborations''. I also learnt the importance of paying attention to details when working on proofs and in writing for publication. Currently, he supports me in Femafricmaths' outreach projects to promote the teaching of mathematics in fun ways and the promotion of female African mathematicians.

The Heart to Appreciate and Praise

This mentoring relationship has opened up a lot of opportunities for me. It has immensely helped me to develop my research and transferable skills. I now know what career path to take, at least for the next few years. With the network I have built from my mentor's network, I know people in our field of research. I am currently collaborating with some of his colleagues, and I'm looking forward to other future collaborations.

The Tongue to Pray and Advise

I pray our readers find an 'Uli' who will support them in their career ... An Uli who will spot the talent in them and encourage them to go to places where their talents will be shaped ... An Uli who will look out for them even when the journey gets challenging.

Finding your 'Uli' can sometimes be challenging. That’s why #MeetMentors is here to help. Connect with us

Angela and her mentor Prof. Ulrich Krahmer

See the full profile of our mentor Dr. Angela Tabiri

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