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The 3 'ifs' for Mentees to Lose their Mentoring Position.

''Challenging the status quo takes commitment, courage, imagination, and, above all, dedication to learning''. Marshall Ganz

Anytime I get the chance to talk to mentees, I tell them mentoring is mentee-driven. By this, I simply mean the strength, motivation and passion that mentees bring into a mentoring relationship, play a key role in the success of that relationship. I call it the fuel that runs the engine.

For clarification, this position above does not seek to undermine the strength of mentors in a mentoring relationship. My initial post on how mentors can lose their place may be worth reading. Of course, both mentors and mentees have their key roles to play.

In this blog, I will address how mentees - who often bring this 'fuel that runs the engine', can also lose their mentoring position, if they fail to play their cards well. Here are the 3 ifs!

1. If mentees don't show readiness to Commit

Readiness indicate preparation! I have had mentees who consistently don't show up at meetings on time. I know of others who get very occupied with other things during meeting conversations, and don't even bother to take notes. These are signs that such mentees are not ready to commit. Such weak mentee behavior is a catalyst for killing the enthusiasm of mentors.

2. If mentees don't show readiness to Learn

Learning is a process which requires intense effort. To identify readiness to learn, mentees need to answer these questions: How ready am I to invest time and other resources to learn? How ready am I to sacrifice other competing desires in order to learn? Do I make time to reflect on the key things my mentor shares with me? Do I come to mentoring sessions with good questions to improve my learning? Finding honest answers to these questions are crucial for every mentee.

3. If mentees don’t show readiness to Grow

When mentees are able to connect their day-to-day learning with their long term goals, it is a good sign of growth. One way mentees inspire their mentors is to talk about their future goals, and show how the mentorship today supports their tomorrow. Most good mentors want to hear this. It makes them feel they are contributing to something bigger - not just for the now, but also for the future.

In life, opportunities are time bound, and this includes mentoring relationships. It is therefore needful for mentees to value such opportunities - when mentors come along. Avoiding these 3 things are therefore very crucial.

If you are ready to commit, ready to learn, and ready to grow, but have no mentor to support you, kindly connect with #MeetMentors. We are here to support your growth.

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