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3 Things that make Mentors Lose their Place.

''What you do has far greater impact than what you say''

Stephen Covey

All good leaders understand the need to add value to people, and mentoring, has for several years, become one of the ways of doing this. The role of mentors has therefore, become very important in talent and leadership development.

In spite of this essential function of mentors, it is quite easy for many of them to slip, and lose their place while playing this role. Here are three (3) things that can lead to this.

1. When mentors stop Learning

It has always been said that ‘when you stop reading, you stop leading’. Anytime mentees begin to sense that their mentors are not fresh in ideas, mentees begin to lose interest, and subsequently withdraw.

It is a dangerous place for mentors to become bankrupt in new knowledge! Good mentees want to be challenged. This implies mentors should be in the position of continuously providing this challenge. It is continuous learning that positions mentors to do that!

2. When mentors stop Loving

Everyone wants to be loved! Mentees don’t just look for information and support. They look for someone who will love them in the first place. When mentoring comes from a person who truly shows love and concern, mentees receive it well. Mentoring requires more of a heart connection than a face connection!. When things are faked, it can last only for a while. If mentees are not loved, they are never impacted by anything mentors give.

3. When mentors stop Losing

What big thing can mentors lose? Their Trust! If you’re a mentor, ask yourself these questions: ‘Can my mentees really confide in me? ‘Can they share their troubling issues with me’? Mentors must know that the answer to these questions depends on how much your mentees trust you. If mentees can’t trust you enough to share their deep concerns with you, chances are they will stop sharing their ordinary life issues with you.

At #MeetMentors, mentors strive to be lifelong learners who love their mentees and dedicate themselves to building trust.

If you need a mentor to support your goals – academic, career, talent and/or leadership development, connect with us.

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