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Revisiting Unmet Goals from 2021

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is nightmare"

Japanese Proverb

It is the practice of many, like me, to set goals for every new year. This is often called 'New Year's Resolution'. Even though we strive to achieve these goals, there are times when we are not able to achieve all of them. And that's okay. For me, it's better to have goals and not achieve all of them, than not to have any at all.

So, if you are in a situation of having unmet or unachieved goals from 2021, don't feel you are a non-achiever. The truth is you are not alone. But if you are considering revisiting these goals in 2022, then I have something to share with you. If you are ready, let’s go!

1. Are these goals worth pursuing in 2022?

Sometimes, certain goals are needed only in a particular season of life. For instance, if you were aiming at getting a First Class Honours in your undergraduate university program, this goal can’t be revisited if you have completed your program and couldn't achieve it. Similarly, the fact that you had certain goals in 2021 doesn’t necessarily mean they are needed in 2022. So, take time to evaluate these unmet goals and decide if they are really needed to be pursued in 2022. Ask yourself the big questions: Are these goals really important for me this year? Do these goals fit into my bigger dream? Getting the right answers to these questions often require the help of mentors. So, after going through this process if your answer is NO, then don’t stress over it. But if it is YES, then I encourage you to revisit these goals.

2. What resources would you need in achieving these goals?

The pursuit of every goal requires resources. These resources could be relationships, finance, new skills, etc. As you decide to revisit and achieve these goals, it will be very important to identify the resources you would need. Maybe, you have to establish new relationships, read new books, save and/or acquire extra money or get new set of equipment. In short, identify the resources you need and how you can obtain them.

3. What new level of commitment will be needed?

Just as it is for resources, the pursuit of every goal requires a level of commitment. And the bigger the goal, the higher the level of commitment. You may have to develop a new attitude towards work, get rid of certain habits, and/or unlearn certain things. Consider this question: What are you willing and ready to sacrifice in order to achieve your goal? Outline these forms of commitment and have a plan to guide you to stay committed. Many coaches and mentors consider commitment as the number one key to achieving goals. So, when you get this in place, all other things will fall in place.


The fact that you have unmet goals from 2021 doesn’t mean you must rush to pursue them in 2022. Be sure they are worth pursuing before you add them to the list of goals for this year. If you decide they are important, identify the needed resources and find ways to get them. Then be committed to the course.

The achievement of every goal is joyful to the heart. It doesn’t make you just check one box on your list. Rather, it brings a level of fulfilment which also serves as a form of motivation for the pursuit of other goals.

So, go ahead with the pursuit of your goals in 2022. I wish you all the best.

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