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Do you need a mentor in 2020?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

''In today’s modern world, mentorship is just as important than ever, if not more''.

Erika Kauffman

I’m very sure that at this time of the year, you’ve got your New Year’s resolution well-shaped. This practice helps to re-prioritize your life and set goals to guide your actions. For most people, it is the best way to define their ‘new you’ in the ‘new year’.

Okay! So my question for you is this: based on your resolution for 2020, do you need a mentor? Maybe, you've not thought about it, so answering these three (3) questions below may help you make that decision.

Are you revisiting old goals that haven't been achieved?

It is often said that, most new year resolutions are goals that have been set before, and have not been achieved. That may not sound positive! But there is something good in it. At least, the desire to revisit unachieved or underachieved goals is commendable.

So, I suggest, that in such a situation, having a mentor close by, to help bring a level of accountability, would be a great step to making the change towards achieving your goals.

Are you setting very new goals?

If you're trying something new in 2020, or you've set new targets to achieve new goals, getting a mentor - someone knowledgeable in the field, can help you avoid some common mistakes you could possibly make. Mentors can share personal experiences with you, and connect you to others who may be possible helpers. In short, mentors can, at least shorten the length of the journey, if not make it more faster for you.

Are you planning on developing new skills?

New seasons require new skills. Lily Amis (Author and Blogger) said "As seasons change, life changes".

This truth also requires new skills to help adapt to the new changes that come. For instance, over the past decade, we've all seen how social media has changed how we do life globally. In such circumstances, the role of mentors becomes so important in supporting the learning of the needed new skills.

Every mentoring connection - over coffee, phone, social media, etc. could be used as a valuable time of learning. Mentors can give good leads to short courses, conferences, workshops, podcasts, and other professional development platforms to support your growth in 2020.

No matter what you do as a young person, setting new goals, and finding the right #mentors to support you could be the game changer in 2020.

MeetMentors can Help

MeetMentors is a platform that supports college students, fresh graduates and talented youth in Africa. We can help you on your academic, career, leadership and talent development goals. Some of our real-life mentoring stories can present you with different perspectives on the essence of mentoring.

And ... when you decide to get a mentor, feel free to touch base with us.

We hope you find the right relationships to support your goals for 2020.

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