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3 ways to move from wishing for a mentor, to getting a mentor.

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

‘‘Find a great mentor who believes in you, your life will change forever!’’-Bill Wash

The year 2019 is moving very fast! We are already in the middle of the second month. For the students, fresh graduates and talented youth out there, how many of you are really on course regarding your goals for the year? If you're still struggling to make progress, let me ask, have you considered finding a mentor to support you? Why do you have to make the mistakes others have got the solutions for? If you want to move from wishing for a mentor, to having a mentor, here are 3 great ways to do that.

Why not ask your prospect about his/her mentors?

This approach is excellent when you already have a relationship with the prospect, and want to move further to have him/her as a mentor. Asking someone about his/her mentors definitely shows your admiration for his/her success. It’s another way to say ‘I admire you, and want to know those who have contributed to your life’. It also speaks to your interest in mentoring. The prospect's willingness to share this information with you is a good sign he/she can become your mentor.

Why not praise your prospect on his/her expertise?

Everyone loves to be praised! And that includes your prospect. Let this person know exactly why you admire him/her. At one point in my academic life, I had to look for a professor for my thesis supervision. In an email to request for a first meeting with him, I wonderfully crafted a ‘praise summary’ of his great accomplishments. Later, he granted me audience, became my supervisor, and subsequently gave me references for further studies.

Why not send your prospect something you’ve done?

In most cases, anyone who wants to support you, likes to know what you’ve already done. That's your affirmation.

It could be a book you’ve written, a business proposal, or a product you’ve made. It is virtually anything that speaks to your vision, and aligns with your prospect's passion. It can catch his/her attention, and could start a mentoring relationship.

Don’t struggle in isolation. Don't think nobody wants to support you. Many great achievers out there are looking for people to mentor. Your prospect may just be waiting for you to make a move. Remember, mentoring is always mentee-driven.

Connect with MeetMentors to help you meet your #mentor.

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lamin banda
lamin banda
Jul 17, 2021



Beatrice Agyei Prempeh
Beatrice Agyei Prempeh
Jun 27, 2021

This is so helpful. Thank you.

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