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Remembering your Mentor(s) as 2020 Ends.

''If you don't show appreciation to those that deserve it, they'll learn to stop doing the things you appreciate''


The year 2020 will be ending soon, but its memories will stay with us for a long time. Many of us will remember expressions like social distancing, self-isolation, and lockdowns. And, Google says the most memorable word of the year is pandemic, so it may be on the list too!

Apart from, or in addition to these, one word you may consider adding to the list is mentor(s). If you are wondering why mentors should make it on this list, pause and reflect on how mentors have supported you (or someone you know) to navigate this challenging year. If you think you survived this year just by yourself, you may want to give it a second thought.

For those who do acknowledge the support of mentors, I want to share with you three (3) ways to remember them as the year ends (or as we start a new year).

Remember them for the POSITIVE SHIFT

‘‘A change in season requires a change in action’’ The Eagles.

In most cases, every season of life requires the influence of certain people to move you forward. If that is the case, then who are the people who did this for you in the year 2020? Maybe they came to encourage you, to provide you with resources, or to give you a new sense of perspective to life. Their contribution helped you to make the right shift in 2020 for better results. If you can identify these people, find a way to let them know how they helped you to make that positive shift in 2020.

Remember them for the GREAT IMPACT

In the midst of the challenges of the year, what impact did mentors make in your life? Perhaps, you haven't taken time to assess this. But, it is worth considering!

Take time to list the three (3) most successful growth areas you experienced this year. Give each growth area a title/category. Then, go ahead to identify the individuals (mentors) who influenced these success areas. Write their names along each title. For example, this year, I used these titles: EXPOSURE, INSIGHT, AND DIRECTION.

If you can do this, you have the list of the people to remember. In some cases, some of these individuals may not necessarily be people you consider as mentors. But for the sake of their impact, find a way to remember them.

#MeetMentors designed the Mentor Recognition Model to make this process easier for you.

Remember them with a THANK YOU

A 'Thank you' is the best offer you can give to show appreciation to your mentor. Since ‘Thank you’ comes in many different forms, one can never run short of expressing thank you. When you weigh the value of your mentor’s impact in your life on a scale of a grateful heart, you can find the best way to express your ‘thank you’.

And, remember, a thank you does not only indicate a one-time appreciation. It also shows you will forever cherish the support of that mentor in your life.

Without a doubt, the year 2020 has been challenging. However, I know that mentors have played key roles in supporting many young people to navigate the season. We got many of such stories from the mentees in our program.

So, on behalf of the team at #MeetMentors, I say a big thank you to all our mentors and partners for your immense support. We trust you've all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. We wish you a happy and mentoring-filled new year!

To the many young talents in Africa, as you pursue new agendas in 2021, don’t forget to connect with us for your mentoring support.

See you soon on the other side!!

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