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'Home-Grown' Mentors: The Mentoring Story of Michael Selorm Avumegah.

Dr. Michael S. Avumegah is a Research Scientist at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, The University of Queensland, Australia.

''The sky is not my limit and space is not even my universal frontier. Adventure and exploration must therefore continue''.

Oblonagata - The Brian of God 2005

Mentors are closer than you Think

It may sound like a cliché, but charity indeed begins at home. Growing up as a child, I was surrounded by four older brothers who were driven to succeed in life. I guess this drive was borne from the fact that we were not from a rich family, therefore the more reason to break this cycle and do well in life. I was fortunate to have at home brothers who I could look up to for inspiration and guidance. This was a great opportunity to glean from my own backyard “Home-Grown Mentors” (Brothers). I did not take my older brothers’ positive influences for granted.

Desire to excel in Academia

I was mentored by my brothers in many areas of life, one being Education. It was my parents' dream, at least, to support each child as far as education is concerned, to the High School level. The catch was that 'if your High school grade was good, they would support your tertiary education as well'. I saw daily at home the desire to excel at school by my brothers. And they did excel at High school and were all supported to pursue tertiary degrees. They were a positive example to me. They often told me that whatever I set my mind on was achievable. In school, I was not among the top 5% in class but I was a committed and diligent student. Thanks to my Home-grown Mentors.

You stand to gain as a Mentee if you appreciate the little Things

While growing up, I did not get toys for my birthday nor attend the schools of my choice. Interestingly, that is what many of us growing up would have wanted. But my mentors knew better, and gave me more than I could ever think I needed. They taught me how to “fish” … which became a bedrock for my independence. I was encouraged to dream and do well for myself as a person. They were there all the time to provide the support and direction I needed. They shaped my worldview about life and success.

Open your eyes lest familiarity breeds in you Contempt

I wish to advise readers not to take family and close friends for granted. Your mentor sometimes might be closer than you think. Your mentor could be your Mother, Father, Sister or Brother.

But I also understand that, sometimes, finding a “Home-grown Mentor” could be difficult and impractical. The opportunity I had may not be available for everyone.

That is why #MeetMentors is here to support you in this academic, career, talent and leadership development journey.

We cannot wait to connect with you and show you a more excellent way.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

See the full profile of our mentor Dr. Michael Selorm Avumegah

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