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Derek Asuman


I worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the Department of Economics and the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), both at the University of Ghana. My research interest spans applied microeconomics and microeconometrics with a focus on health economics, labour economics, economics of and education.

My current research focuses on understanding the economic aspects of living with early onset lifelong disabilities (particularly cerebral palsy and spinal bifida) in the Nordic countries.

As a mentor, I believe providing an opportunity guiding young people with my experiences in academic and research career is essential to guiding their path to develop their interests and talents.


My life and career have been shaped by mentors who provided me with enormous guidance and inspiration in identifying and developing my interest as an academic and researcher. I will want to pass the benefits I accrued from such mentorships to other persons.

  • PhD Candidate in Medical Sciences (with a specialization in Health Economics), Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University, Sweden.

  • MPhil in Economics - Department of Economics,University of Ghana, Ghana

  • BA Hons in Economics with Political Science, University of Ghana, Ghana.

  • Academic (including school selection and application, Statement of Purpose).

  • Economics 

  • Public health

  • Public policy

  • Research


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